Becky G Talks Treslúce Beauty, Owning the Conversation & Wearing Her Own Products

Lead Photo: Credit: Treslúce Beauty
Credit: Treslúce Beauty
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Becky G is much more than just a singer and actress. And though she hardly needed to prove herself in that regard, the multifaceted artist and entrepreneur is still making a name for herself in an entirely new way. It was just announced that Treslúce Beauty, Becky G’s beauty brand, would be landing at Ulta Beauty, with products immediately available on and in stores March 13, 2022.

Remezcla had a chance to talk to Becky G about what Treslúce Beauty means, getting not just a seat at the table, but owning the conversation, and testing all her products. It was clear from the first moment of our conversation that this is a project very close to Becky G’s heart. The brand, which launched in June 2021, is the kind of undertaking that feels like a long time coming for her. 

“My beauty journey started when I was a little girl and my mom would let me express myself through the artwork of beauty, makeup especially,” she shared, as she contemplated the reason for Treslúce. The name, which is a mashup of two Spanish words: tres and luz, Becky’s lucky number three and the word for light, is kinda magical even if we stick to the literal translation of the word “luz.”

There is, however, another meaning. In Spanish it’s a very common compliment to say so and so “te luce bien,” or looks good, which is the meaning Becky G wanted to give to the word “luz,” in the case of Treslúce. This brand looks good on her – on us. It’s something that makes the name, and the brand, feel even more representative of our communities.

“I’m Spanglish speaking, there’s no one or the other, it’s both of them,” she added, as an explanation, one that also informs the products, the packaging, and the way both languages are present. There’s a certain pride in that, because “instead of it feeling like an identity crisis, it feels like a superpower, that I want more of our youth to be able to lean into.”

One thing that was made clear by our conversation is that Becky G is very aware of the fact that our communities have been, for a long time, avid consumers in the beauty space, but we haven’t always been communicated to in the most authentic ways. For her, there’s a reason for this.

“We know in our communities that not all Latinas look the same,” but that hasn’t necessarily translated to products, or marketing, instead “there’s been this kind of one size fits all mentality when it comes to Latinas.”

Treslúce is, then, an attempt to create a brand that embraces the uniqueness in our communities, as well as our differences, while highlighting what does unite us, which is our culture and how proud we are. And Becky G doesn’t want to be the only one, instead, she hopes to see many more Latine women-owned beauty brands. 

“We should be owners in these conversations, we should be participating in the product development, and the creating of all of these things that represent us,” she told us. 

And Becky G, though she hadn’t been able to confirm it before, has done the hard work behind the scenes and is committed to her brand. So much so that, on the cover art for her latest song, “Mamiii,” both she and Karol G are wearing Treslúce. Which just makes us even more excited to try the products out. If Becky G can wear it, and wear it proudly, that makes us feel like we can too.

Treslúce Beauty will be available online at beginning today and in 351 select Ulta Beauty store locations on March 13, 2022.