Bekah Martinez Has Something To Say To Those Who Say She’s Latina ‘When Convenient’

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“Everyone makes mistakes. I just make them in public.” That is the welcoming description on Bekah Martinez’s Instagram page. Most know Martinez from her appearance on The Bachelor‘s 22nd season. She went on to become a fan favorite and now has a following on Instagram that is upwards of 740K followers.

The mother of two Instagram posts generally revolve around her children or parenting. Martinez has taken heat for posts that show her breastfeeding both her children, underarm hair growth, and poopy diapers. But it’s her latest trending topic that has her once again on the defense.

Martinez is Parents Latina most recent cover artist and there are some who are not happy about that. Bekah has been put on the defense after users posted comments and complaints on her Instagram page, claiming she’s not “Latina enough.” Martinez shared some of the negative messages she received on Instagram, including “lmao you are NOT latina” and “it’s nice to be latin when it’s convenient.” Another read, “Don’t even speak Spanish? Culturally are you even Latina?””

Not that negativity surrounding her heritage is anything new to Martinez. The “Chatty Broads Podcast” co-host has been dealing with negative comments most of her life. The daughter of a Polish and Lithuanian mother and a Mexican father, Martinez grew up in Long Beach where there is a heavy Latino population. Even though she did not grow up speaking Spanish, she tells Parents Latina that some of her best memories are of her abuela. Though she admits to feeling awkward and pained about not speaking Spanish.

She posted, “ I’m so proud of my Latina heritage. But I’ve been told all my life I don’t look the part. If only these people knew the tears I’ve cried over wishing I could have spoken to my grandparents in their native tongue. If only they knew the longing I’ve had to be a ‘real Mexican.’” She went on to say,“But I’m also sad because I know where these people are coming from. I know there are struggles and discrimination that come from being ‘visibly Mexican’ that I will never experience. I know there is deep-seated colorism within the Latino community. I’m Latina and I’m proud. No one can take that away from me. ♥️🇲🇽”

Martinez may have one foot on the current controversial topic, but her other foot is planted firmly in the future. She is two classes away from earning her Bachelor’s degree–an eight year journey for her. She is also about to launch The Good Alma, a line of ethically produced loungewear.

Regardless of the public accusations of her imposter syndrome, her followers can still see her parenting adventures-poop and all.