Ben Affleck Forms Boy Band & Embarrasses Jennifer Lopez in Super Bowl Ad — See It Here

Lead Photo: Dunkin/YouTube
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Jennifer Lopez is back in a Super Bowl commercial, and of course, her husband is once again joining her. But this time, it’s kind of embarrassing. Or, at least, the Dunkin’ commercial is trying to make it seem embarrassing. Whether it is or not is probably up to you.

In the new Dunkin’ commercial, which features Lopez, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, and Fat Joe, Lopez is seen in the studio as Affleck discusses with Harlow his need to “show her what I can do.” Harlow doesn’t seem convinced it’s a good idea, but Affleck isn’t deterred. 

Clad in orange “DunKings” tracksuits, Affleck and his boy band barge into the studio and perform the dorkiest dance ever. The boy band consists of notable faces like “Touchdown Tony” on the keys, aka retired Quarterback Tom Brady, and actor and famous Affleck friend Matt Damon. Lopez is very clearly mortified. But so are Damon and Fat Joe, the latter of whom is working with Lopez in the studio. 

“How do you like them donuts?” Damon says at the end of their performance. He looks sorry he had to say it. “We talked about this,” Lopez tells Affleck afterward, who then walks off with Damon. “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you,” Damon tells Affleck. “This is anything.”

The DunKings commercial isn’t Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s first Dunkin’ spot, as the two starred in a commercial that aired during last year’s Super Bowl. In that commercial, he was working the drive-thru, to Lopez’s surprise. Affleck then went on to star with Ice Spice in another Dunkin’ commercial last year. 

Everyone involved probably had a blast filming this, but no one had as much of a blast as the internet watching it.


Truly, second-hand embarrassment or not, this might be people’s favorite commercial.

And not even just for the memes, but there is that and the thought of Affleck and JLo’s face when reading the script for this.

You can check out the full Dunkin’ commercial below.