Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton & the DNC Work Together to Fight Alleged Voter Suppression in Arizona

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This year, Phoenix’s Maricopa County reduced its number of polling places by 70 percent – a change billed as a cost-saving measure – which led to a chaotic and frustrating Arizona primary. Approximately 21,000 voters flooded just 60 polling locations, causing lines up to five hours long and many to abandon the line before they cast their votes. This, combined with the fact that some low-income and Latino neighborhoods had no polling places, let to accusations of voter suppression.

Now, the Democratic National Committee, and the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are suing Arizona following a flood of complaints, according to CNN. On Thursday, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the lawsuit is “to reverse Arizona’s culture of voter disenfranchisement prior to the 2016 election. As Democrats, we believe the right to vote is our most fundamental right – the right that defends all of our other rights. Democrats also know that when we see injustice, we must act.”

A spokeswoman for Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, who is one of the defendants, said no voter suppression took place. Instead, the lawmakers just miscalculated the entire situation. “And we’re moving forward and making changes to make sure that that never happens again,” Elizabeth Bartholomew said.

In the past, any voting procedure changes in Arizona needed approval from the Department of Justice, because of the state’s shady history when it comes to minorities. But a 2013 Supreme Court decision changed that, and Democratic lawmakers argue that the shrinking of polling locations could never have happened under the old system.