Residente and Rosario Dawson Will Feel the Bern At Sanders’ Bronx Rally

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As the New York primary approaches on April 19, Bernie Sanders is making moves to try and tip the scales in his favor. He recently opened a campaign office in Gowanus, and he’s challenged Hillary Clinton to a debate in the state. Now, he’s turning his attention to an oft-ignored NYC borough: The Bronx.

On Thursday, Bernie will host a rally in South Bronx, with special guests Rosario Dawson and René Pérez, aka Residente. Dawson is quickly becoming Bernie’s biggest supporter. She recently endorsed him in a passionate speech, and has continued to show her support for him by introducing him at different campaign rallies in California. She also wrote a strongly worded letter to Dolores Huerta, where she accused the labor leader and civil rights activist of spreading lies about Bernie.

Residente hasn’t had the same visibility in Bernie’s campaign so far, but he has endorsed him in the past as well. On Twitter, he said, “Bernie Sanders has more than 30 years advocating for working people and the lower class of the USA.”

Tomorrow, he’ll have a better chance to tell people why Bernie is the right choice. The event takes place at 4 p.m. at Saint Mary’s Park, 450 St. Ann’s Ave. The event is free and open to the public. RSVP here.