Beto quit!

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Alberto Gonzales, the great guy and Attorney General of the United States who did everything in his power to legalize torture, carry out unauthorized surveillance and attempted to place limitations on the Freedom of Information Act quit on Monday, August 27th.  Despite being described by George W. Bush as “a man of integrity, decency and principles” and stating that he was grateful to have lived the “American dream”, Gonzo is being accused of lying to Congress about firing a bunch of people his boss didn’t like. Albertito also served as general counsel in Texas when Bush was governor of that state, and probably helped him carry out a record number of executions in that state.  Gonzalez now joins the list of other discredited great men and women closely associated with the present administration: The list now includes Donald Rumsfeld, Harriet Meirs, Michael Brown, Lewis Libby, Karl Rove oh, and Former Trotskyite Paul Wolfowitz . What could possibly be going wrong!?