The Department of Labor Sues B&H for Discriminating Against Latino Warehouse Workers

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The Department of Labor has filed an administrative lawsuit against B&H Photo & Electronics Corporation, citing the company’s discriminatory practices against Latino, black, Asian, and female employees at its Brooklyn Navy Yard location, according to New York Mag. In the suit, the Department of Labor accuses B&H of forcing Latino warehouse workers to use separate, dirty restrooms.

The electronics company also allegedly didn’t provide changing rooms for women, and Latino employees said they were subject to “racist remarks, degrading comments and harassment.” Also, white workers were more commonly promoted, but minorities weren’t given a chance for entry-level positions.

This isn’t the first time B&H has been accused of discrimination. In 2007, they were sued by a group of Latinos and ended up settling. In 2009, female employees sued because they weren’t earning as much as male workers. In 2011, two Latinos sued because the company wouldn’t promote them on the basis of their ethnicity.

If they lose this case, B&H will also lose $46 million worth of federal contracts.