Bianca Kathryn Talks ‘Made with Cariño’, Her Latest Fashion Collection

Lead Photo: Credit: Tre'Voy Kelly & Company
Credit: Tre'Voy Kelly & Company
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Bianca Kathryn is the kind of creator you need to keep an eye on because of the way that she creates iconic fashion, inspires those around her, and supports our communities. That’s why we were so excited to speak with this fashion creator about her work on Yo Soy AfroLatina and her latest collection Made with Cariño.

We talked about what inspired the name of her brand, the importance of her work, and her favorite parts of the latest collection. Along the way, we also learned about what comes next for Kathryn and what she hopes for the future of Yo Soy AfroLatina. Hint: it has to do with jewelry and we’re here ready for it!

Remezcla: What inspired your collection?

Bianca Kathryn: This collection was inspired by a few things, I had a couple of designs I was sitting on and wanted to share with my community and I also was inspired by a few designers I admire to incorporate pieces that had texture and provided higher-quality pieces to our shop such as the embroidered windbreak. Additionally, I find a good amount of inspiration from the era of my childhood (the 90s and Y2K), our Afro-Latina tee pulled inspiration from The Powerpuff Girls with the vibrant colors, tie-dye t-shirt, and bold statement. The inspiration is just as diverse as we are and I wanted to reflect that within our latest collection.

Remezcla: What do you want people to take away from this collection?

Bianca Kathryn: There was a lot of love that went into this collection and I really hope my community and customers can feel that when they receive their new merch. I poured my heart into this collection and I really tried to craft pieces that were intentionally made. As YSAL continues to grow, I want our pieces to reflect that evolution so I was very particular about the quality and design of each product.

Remezcla: What’s your favorite part of the collection?

Bianca Kathryn: My favorite part of the collection was being able to shoot with my mom. My mother was the first person to introduce me to the world of beauty and fashion; as a child I remember her getting ready for cabarets and the process it took for her to get all dolled up and beautiful. I always wanted to be involved in the process to some extent but was too young. Fast forward years later and I now have this brand where I’m able to indulge in the creative process while including my mom feels super special, it kinda feels like a full-circle moment.

Remezcla: What inspired the name Yo Soy AfroLatina?

Bianca Kathryn: At the time that I was creating Yo Soy AfroLatina, which was a passion project, I was going through a transformative season of my life. I had moved to LA for work and was away from my friends, family, and anything that was familiar to me, it was a very lonely time because I felt isolated being so far from home. But I used that time to reflect and learn about my cultures and our history. It was a super awakening experience and when I got the idea for YSAL I remember wanting to create a name that was bold and powerful. Although that season started off as lonely and isolated, through the end of the season I came out feeling empowered and I wanted my brand name to reflect the essence of my journey to embracing my identity as a Black Latina.

Remezcla: What comes after this collection? What’s your dream?

Bianca Kathryn: After this collection, I’m hoping to come out with another collection or two in the New Year but incorporate statement pieces such as jewelry. I rock gold jewelry all the time and it’s very much a part of our culture so I would love to be able to offer that in our shop. I’m also hoping to host a live event in celebration of our 5th birthday and to bring our online community together IRL, we haven’t tapped into that space yet and I would love to explore that sometime in 2022.

Check out the Made with Cariño collection on Yo Soy AfroLatina‘s website.