Billy Mendez: A Hopeless Romantic

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Nothing’s more endearing than realizing the man of your physical dreams is also in touch with his feelings, and has no qualms with expressing them freely. Take Billy Mendez, for example (not to be confused with the lead singer of Mexican band Motel). The Uruguay-born artist sings and writes from the heart, and fortunately for our vain selves, isn’t bad on the eyes.

Billy used to dream of stardom from a young age, which is why he decided to head to Florida. There, he started writing for local artists in Miami and in New York, his hometown. Although he’s currently unsigned, he’s managed to start recording his first solo album, and hopes to one day share a stage with Shakira. Although most of the songs are ballads, it also features some pop, R&B and more Latino sounds.

He’s chosen the mushy-wushy “Miradas” as his a first single, and here’s his just released music video.