Feeling Bi-Mexican Curious?

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Regardless of what you might assume at first glance, Bimexicano is not a compilation of Mexican artists who experimented with their sexuality during college. Although, some of these might have. That would’ve maybe been a lot more fun. But no, Bimexicano: Nuestros Clásicos Hechos Rock is a collection of traditional Mexican standards interpreted by modern musicians to celebrate the coming bicentennial of Mexico’s independence.

Two hundred years of independence from Spain is definitely a big deal and deserves a commemorative album. But hey, Mexico is not alone in this. Earlier this year Argentina and Colombia had their bicentennial celebrations, and a couple of days after Mexico, Chileans will be have theirs. Thing is, those other countries didn’t get a commemorative rock compilation and some of their artists were so eager to participate that they decided to show up for the Mexican one. Señor Flavio (of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) and Aterciopelados, might be Argentine and Colombian respectively, but they become “honorary Mexicans” for the occasion.

Strangest is the case of Enrique Bunbury, a Spaniard featured in a compilation that celebrates the independence from Spain. Albeit, a Spaniard that’s arguably more famous in Mexico than in his homeland.

The rest of the list includes notable Mexicans musicians, like Jaguares, Ely Guerra, Kinky, Chucho from Zoe, Hello Seahorse! and more. The compilation will be released by Nacional Records on September 14th.

Next week we’ll have a sneak peek of one of the tracks from Bimexicano, Natalia Lafourcade’s reimagining of “La Cigarra.” For now, here’s the rest of the tracklist:

1. Jaguares – “La Martiniana”
2. Natalia Lafourcade – “La Cigarra”
3. Enrique Bunbury – “Vámonos”
4. Ely Guerra – “La Llorona”
5. Jumbo – “De Qué Manera Te Olvido”
6. Aterciopelados – “Un Mundo Raro”
7. Hello Seahorse! – “Cielo Rojo”
8. Le Baron – “El Rey”
9. Kinky – “Sombras”
10. Sussie 4 – “Bésame Mucho”
11. Yo Camaleón (Jesus Baez from Zoe feat. Ana Karla) – “Cucurrucucú Paloma”
12. Senor Flavio (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) – “El Son De La Negra”