Black:Guayaba, Calle 13 won at the Grammys

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Yeah, a band called Black:Guayaba (from Puerto Rico, above) won in the "Latin rock/alternative" category in the Grammys, over Zoe (our pick), Panda, Jarabe de Palo and Rabanes (who won in this category at the Latin Grammys).

Not surprisingly, Calle 13, Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz (yet again, for his worst album to date) also won.

They were just announced in a four hour long pre-telecast ceremony which they’re broadcasting through, along with all the classical music, Hawaiian, Native American, etc categories.

None of the winners in the Latin categories bothered to show up except Black:Guayaba, Juan Luis Guerra and a dude who goes by the name "Little Joe" (of Little Joe y Familia group) who won for Tejano music and actually defied the "Academy" by saying: "I have a dream…actually a request…that the Academy reconsider the category "Mexican/Mexican-American album" (which Pepe Aguilar won). Word.