Blogging the Latin Billboards

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You missed the awards show Premios Billboard de la Musica Latina last Thursday April 26th? Fear not my friends, we know you were on YouTube the next morning to try to get a glimpse of Don Omar on a white horse, Paulina’s short-short dress and Calle 13’s besitos con la gordita…but if you want a complete run-through of the action, two Remezcleras were chatting on IM while watching the show…and rambling about million other things…..

MigMigz: so juanes presented the miguel award?

Rayuela323: si

Rayuela323: oye ese miguel can TALK

Rayuela323: he’s STILL talking

MigMigz: que fue lo que dijo de juanes?

MigMigz: omg carlos ponce es un CAFRE

Rayuela323: suena borracho

MigMigz: que dijo miguel de juanes please?

Rayuela323: sorry… se me paso

Rayuela323: o dijo que "es un hombren HONESTO"

MigMigz: ok

Rayuela323: but then he said something that i didnt quite catch, some joke about ’im the man’ etc

Rayuela323: but dont quote me on that

MigMigz: yeah he wsa pretty incohorent

Rayuela323: lol

MigMigz: gran combo are the shit!!!

Rayuela323: I KNOW

MigMigz: still playing at proms in PR

Rayuela323: i was just thinking that

Rayuela323: really???

MigMigz: yeah todos

Rayuela323: i’m so glad i’m puertorican

MigMigz: gilberto, etc etc

Rayuela323: that’s awesome

MigMigz: who played in mine? cant remember

Rayuela323: we should have a classic salsa party

MigMigz: giselle or something

Rayuela323: ew!

MigMigz: do you like calle’s album?

Rayuela323: yeah so far

MigMigz: i dont like the lyrics

MigMigz: oh bueno, i was disappointed

Rayuela323: it’s very sophomoric

Rayuela323: but still they just stand out so much in "latin music"

MigMigz: the music i think its great, eduardo did an amazing job

Rayuela323: eduardo is incredible

Rayuela323: eh, toby love esta en la categoria de hip hop??

Rayuela323: que QUE?!

MigMigz: toby love!!

MigMigz: yeah wtf

MigMigz: i love this kid

Rayuela323: carajo GANO!

MigMigz: he’s ana Amazing perfomer


MigMigz: OMG look at LUNYS HAIR


Rayuela323: rofl

Rayuela323: um, hes AMAZING

Rayuela323: diablo bien americano

Rayuela323: and i wonder what aventura guys think of his success

MigMigz: watch out for bachata

MigMigz: is an avalanche

MigMigz: salvase quien pueda

Rayuela323: yeah i already know

Rayuela323: makes sense

Rayuela323: i think more watch out for colombia

Rayuela323: they have each others back so hard

MigMigz: jajaja!

Rayuela323: and they’re all fairly mainstream

MigMigz: they’re all so nice

Rayuela323: not on far ends like mex reg or salsa

MigMigz: yes

MigMigz: pero todo suena igual y todos mandan flores

Rayuela323: hahahaha

MigMigz: reggaeton sounds the same pero los coritos son diff

Rayuela323: !

MigMigz: y mas picaro, mas divertido

Rayuela323: i’m watching these awards and just as an exercise…

Rayuela323: …i’m trying to assign american equivalents to everyone

MigMigz: jajaja

Rayuela323: its interesting

MigMigz: who is ricardo?

Rayuela323: i dunno, elton john?

Rayuela323: celine dion?

MigMigz: celine!!!

MigMigz: q horror

MigMigz: my mom loves him

Rayuela323: all our moms love him

Rayuela323: lol

MigMigz: i used to love him

Rayuela323: i still kinda do

Rayuela323: shit

MigMigz: Don Omar…no thank you to calle 13

MigMigz: JEJE

Rayuela323: que gano el?

Rayuela323: i KNOW

MigMigz: no estoy segura

Rayuela323: Gloria Trevi…wow this bitch is still crazy as hell

MigMigz: no se que decir

Rayuela323: i’m obsessed with this story

Rayuela323: obviously she’s mariah carey

MigMigz: you should write about her

Rayuela323: she’s on my short list

Rayuela323: her, silvio, and now maybe aventura

MigMigz: silvio

MigMigz: SIGH

Rayuela323: for real! lol

Rayuela323: "SIGH"

MigMigz: he was touring latin america

Rayuela323: thats the whole reason i went to havana

MigMigz: if he goes back t
o puerto rico voy pa alla

MigMigz: ahhhh quiero irrr

MigMigz: saw him in concert en san juan en el 1997

Rayuela323: pablo took me to the studio

Rayuela323: YOU DID?

Rayuela323: wow

MigMigz: SHUT UP

MigMigz: "pablo"

MigMigz: jajajaja

Rayuela323: oh no, not that pablo lol

MigMigz: ahhh

Rayuela323: the young pablo

Rayuela323: haha

MigMigz: whos the young one?

MigMigz: his son?

MigMigz: milanes jr?

Rayuela323: the producer

Rayuela323: no!

Rayuela323: damn whats his last name

Rayuela323: he did the first orishas album

MigMigz: should i go to havana like now or overrated

MigMigz: no se

Rayuela323: fuck my mind is slipping

Rayuela323: GO

Rayuela323: go before fidel dies

MigMigz: ok

Rayuela323: and then go right as soon as he dies

Rayuela323: that’s my plan

MigMigz: yeah totally

Rayuela323: did that pitbull/john singleton party happen already?

MigMigz: yeah last night

Rayuela323: did you go?

MigMigz: yes

MigMigz: he was the best host

Rayuela323: was it ghetto?

MigMigz: he went up to the dj booth and even started rapping

MigMigz: nah it wasnt ghetto

Rayuela323: oh jesus

Rayuela323: good

MigMigz: or maybe i can’t tell the diff anymore??? jejeje

Rayuela323: nah, you could

Rayuela323: tell

Rayuela323: Paulina Rubio…okay she’s not REALLY reading from her blackberry

MigMigz: the press room is a riot

MigMigz: everyone was making fun of her accent

MigMigz: el ashento espanhol

Rayuela323: ha!

MigMigz: ken y wants to be alejandro sanz

Rayuela323: HAAAAAAAA

Rayuela323: ay dios mio he sounds HORRIBLE

MigMigz: jajaja

Rayuela323: they’re lipsynching crazily

Rayuela323: gross

MigMigz: jajaja

MigMigz: love the eyebrows

Rayuela323: i wish i worked at the times

Rayuela323: kale

Rayuela323: fah is slippin these days

MigMigz: time to change writers….

Rayuela323: oh WOW

Rayuela323: are you seeing this telemundo thing?????

Rayuela323: AWESOME

Rayuela323: awesomely corny

MigMigz: just came back to my compu

MigMigz: osvaldo rios RAPIST

Rayuela323: tell me

Rayuela323: i dnt know who either ne of them is

MigMigz: jajaja hablando de masculino y tropical, tu te ves guapa

MigMigz: omg osvaldo rios

MigMigz: galan de novelas por excelencia

Rayuela323: oh RIGHT

Rayuela323: !

MigMigz: every woman who marries him brings him to court for domestic abuse

Rayuela323: he had a case last summer

Rayuela323: when i was home at my abuela’s house

Rayuela323: ok quien gana?

Rayuela323: victor

Rayuela323: me debes un cocktail

Rayuela323: hes got such a great stage presence

Rayuela323: wonderful speaker

MigMigz: his makeup was off the hook

MigMigz: yo te debo un cocktail a ti?

Rayuela323: i said victor would win

MigMigz: cool

Rayuela323: JLOOOOOOOO

Rayuela323: ahhahahhahah

MigMigz: old school boys people are obsessed with: pedro infante, carlos gardel,

Rayuela323: y cantinflas

MigMigz: but he died in the 90s

MigMigz: these people died 50 years ago!!!!!

Rayuela323: stop hating on your peoples

Rayuela323: LOL

MigMigz: i think its awesome

MigMigz: trying to think fo more figures

Rayuela323: no one was watching in the 90s

MigMigz: jaja

MigMigz: i watched a bit of el chavo del ocho te other day

MigMigz: that shit is crazy

Rayuela323: lol

MigMigz: 60 year old dude dressed as a boy, en que cabeza cabe???/

Rayuela323: its awesome

Rayuela323: crazily offensive too

MigMigz: yeah

Rayuela323: thats our culture

MigMigz: didnt realize la chilindrina was the daughter of don ramon

MigMigz: or i forgot

Rayuela323: el chavo is one of the most prominent anti abortion activists in mexico/la am

MigMigz: the actor?

Rayuela323: yeah

MigMigz: Carlos Ponce’s so beautiful but so moronic

Rayuela323: for the record carlos ponce is so fucked up

MigMigz: jajaja

Rayuela323: and lupillo is so BORING

MigMigz: we should be blogging his live for remezcla

Rayuela323: save it

MigMigz: ok ill delete compromising comments

Rayuela323: i’ll save the chat

Rayuela323: lol

MigMigz: jajaja

Rayuela323: ok then for the record:

Rayuela323: daddy yankee needs to go away

Rayuela323: which one is wisin?

Rayuela323: aka which one is the cute one?

MigMigz: wisin es el alto

MigMigz: el payaso, el mas hablador

Rayuela323: yea but hes the cuteone

MigMigz: he is??

Rayuela323: i mean, its all relative

MigMigz: jaja

MigMigz: ok here we go

MigMigz: let the burning begin (Paulina y Miguel)

Rayuela323: OH MMY GOD

MigMigz: jajajajaja

MigMigz: its just the worst song

MigMigz: why is miguel bose relevant

Rayuela323: oh he is?

MigMigz: why cant they belt a few notes

Rayuela323: lol

MigMigz: theyre giving him this award, 30 year career bla bla

Rayuela323: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MigMigz: esas tetas ninel!!

Rayuela323: sharira

MigMigz: mariano barba is identical to this israeli friend of mine

Rayuela323: OH SHIT

Rayuela323: i was wondering about this guy

MigMigz: a que hora se acaba esto?

MigMigz: el hijo de ricardo montaner tiene la misma voz!!!

Rayuela232 signed off at 10:40:20 PM.

Rayuela323 signed on at 10:40:49 PM.

MigMigz: are you tehre?

MigMigz: we need to finish our commentary

Rayuela323: y

MigMigz: juan luis is awesome

MigMigz: he has a bit too much blush on his cheecks

Rayuela323: okay whos juan luis?

Rayuela323: crowd pleaser

MigMigz: i love this song!

Rayuela323: hanging on to his title

MigMigz: no te gusta?

Rayuela323: si

Rayuela323: pero who is he

MigMigz: what do you mean

MigMigz: he’s a God

Rayuela323: lol

MigMigz: what music are you listening to now? in general

Rayuela323: kings of leon

Rayuela323: new mars volta

Rayuela323: andre from outks

Rayuela323: ast

MigMigz: ah need to listen to that kings of leon

MigMigz: he has a new album? andre?

Rayuela323: no, jst some songs hes on

Rayuela323: oh and feist

MigMigz: that’s a chick right?

Rayuela323: y

Rayuela323: shes amazing

Rayuela323: get her stuff

MigMigz: like cat power?

MigMigz: i dont like cat power that much

Rayuela323: kina

Rayuela323: kinda

MigMigz: and whats with that name? me cae mal jaja

Rayuela323: ha

Rayuela323: thats her last name lol

Rayuela323: leslie feist

MigMigz: no, cat power

MigMigz: feist is fine

Rayuela323: oh

Rayuela323: chan marshall

Rayuela323: si

MigMigz: that’s much cool than cat power

Rayuela323: te entiendo

Rayuela323: but to me, i never think of cats when i thing of her name

Rayuela323: or pwer for that matter

MigMigz: yeah i know

MigMigz: ese es wisin

Rayuela323: eh davidbisbal

MigMigz: LOVE david

Rayuela323: not impressed

MigMigz: he’s really cute in person

MigMigz: great attitude

MigMigz: (no me gusta la musica)

Rayuela323: i like that we dont agree on everything

MigMigz: oh oh the kids

MigMigz: yes

MigMigz: do you want me to change your "nickname" ?

Rayuela323: i dont care

MigMigz: ok

Rayuela323: but still, why are latin shows SO low budget?

MigMigz: jajaja

Rayuela323: when TI did the kids not long ago

Rayuela323: he had WAY more kids

MigMigz: at vmas?

MigMigz: jajaja!!

MigMigz: david got a better haircut

Rayuela323: de donde es david??

MigMigz: de alicante, spain

Rayuela323: colomibia?

MigMigz: no almeria

Rayuela323: eh

Rayuela323: oh…

MigMigz: Espana, he was at the first reality show there, Operacion Triunfo

Rayuela323: thats crazy

MigMigz: jajaja!!

MigMigz: cuando canta, siempre parece que esta cagando

MigMigz: siempre le criticaban eso en el show

Rayuela323: LOL

MigMigz: se acabo

MigMigz: parting words?

Rayuela323: yes, as always, DONT FUCK WITH THE EYEBROWS

Rayuela323: also, have fun

MigMigz: jajaja

Rayuela323: and tell me everything about parties

MigMigz: ok ill try to stalk calle 13, as always

Rayuela323: nah

Rayuela323: stalk mariano barba

MigMigz: jajaja i wish i had xoxa with me

MigMigz: ok going to write my shit and leave

MigMigz: saving this…chau!!