In La Paz, Thousands of Bolivians Commute to Work 9,000 Feet in the Air

Lead Photo: Jorge Ronny Miranda Schigler
Jorge Ronny Miranda Schigler
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While the rest of us commute to work like suckers –i.e. trains, cars, and other land vehicles – the people of La Paz, Bolivia glide through the skies. In 2014, the South American country introduced Mi Teleférico, the world’s longest and highest gondola lift system, according to AJ+.

This 11-station transportation system – an acrophobes worst nightmare – relieves pressure to overcrowded streets and links La Paz and El Alto through a 10-minute ride. Averaging about 76,000 commuters a day, more than 43 million people have ridden the Wi-Fi-enabled gondolas since 2014.

And though Mi Teleférico only covers six miles over three lines at the moment, there are plans to add 14 more miles and seven additional lines.

Check out AJ+ video below if you want to see what a more than 9,000-foot high commute to work looks like.