Bored Justin Bieber Fakes Out Spanish Radio Hosts and Casually Walks Out

Ahead of the Nov. 13 release of his Purpose album, Justin Bieber is hitting the promotional trail hard. On Wednesday, an interview on Spanish radio show 40 Principales, America’s No. 1 Chambelan walked out. Part of it can be chalked up to disorganization. One man served as a translator for both Bieber and the radio host, meaning that there were times the Biebs just sat there, drinking water waiting to be asked another question, possibly feeling left out of the conversation. And there were some issues with the translations, too. The interpreter incorrectly translated discoteca into disco instead of club, so Bieber now thinks people in Spain still go to discos.

But there were also some random questions, like who he thinks should win a Best Male Artist (non Justin Bieber category) award at the European Music Awards, and whether or not he dresses himself. They told Bieber that they wanted to take advantage of his being there to break the Internet. At that point, they all got up and Bieber pretends he’s going to participate but instead walks out.

40 Principales later told El País that Bieber was feeling uncomfortable, so he decided to leave. “His crew told us that he felt uneasy today, plus he was 40 minutes late for the interview,” they said to El País. Once inside, we asked him to present his song like a DJ, and he did it very well! Later, because there were too many cellphones recording, we think he felt more stressed out and he decided to go away.” He’s an international pop star tho; he can probably handle too many cellphones.

Today, Bieber posted an interview of himself on The Diego Show, with Vine star Rudy Mancuso, and he was much more natural.