Born & Hated, From Chicago With Love

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The beauty of birth is the  gift of life, and the curse is becoming the subject of opinion. This vision was conceived when I was riding in a car alongside Domingo (Mingo Styroc) Cerda as we reflected on his vision for a new local fashion line,  appropriately titled Born & Hated.  With his new found passion for street fashion, Mingo is slowly rising as a t-shirt entrepreneur handmaking inspiring pieces that will soon flood the streets of our city – and at the rate he is going every major city in the United States. All due to the one ideology every human can relate to, and that is the idea of beating the odds.

I sat down with Mingo for an interview in front of my lovely Pilsen condo (2nd Floor apartment near Blue Island and Damen next to Pollo Feliz), read what the man behind the vision had to say.

What does ur brand represent?

My brand represents the talent of people such as graffiti artists, fixe riders, skate boarders. Basically anyone not represented by the general public -the underground. But on a broader scope it represents anyone who is told that they will not succeed.

What are your top influences in fashion?

What I see in the street right now, skate brands, and also a classic straight forward style for a mature crowd, something you might find yourself wearing at a lounge with overpriced drinks.

How does B&H represent Chicago?

It represents Chicago through everyone who wears it. Djs, skateboarders,bartenders models, etc. It gives the city a vibe when people see it on other people. People rocking it are the people raised, and making moves in Chicago.

What is the inspiration of your brand?

Always seeing artists, graffiti artists, skaters, djs, and anyone with talent getting hated on. I wanted to make a brand to represent them and show that they can succeed and make it…even through the hate.

If you could see some famous people rock your brand, who would they be and why?

Alexis J Mendez. (Laughs.) Nah but seriously… Paul Rodriguez is one of my favorite cats from California, because of his skate background, his city vibe,and his skate style. Also because people always try to put other skaters above him no matter how much he accomplishes. Second would be Kanye West because he is steadily hated on for being so good at everything he does, and always having someone talking shit about him.

Where do u want to see ur brand in 1 year ?

I hope to see videos and pictures of my shirt being worn in California, St. Louis, Texas, and New York… and people understanding the gospel of born and hated.

Its 12 noon on weekend, where is your spot you would most likely be at and what is ur drink of choice?

Skate park, PBR.

Its 12 noon on a weekend and your a millionaire, same question as above.

Trying to find a nice mountain to snowboard, drinking a PBR.

After our interview I kindly offered to cook fajitas I copped on sale at a local carniceria on Cermak, if and only if Mingo was down to buy some soda from the corner fuel station. A deal was struck.  Watch some behind the scenes of B&H in progress.