BornxRaised’s Cinco De Mayo Drop Includes a Collab With LA Originals & Soul Assassins

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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BornxRaised joined forces with DJ Muggs, Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol to create a truly Los Angeles “Soul Assassins” capsule.

Ingenuity, simplicity and meaning coupled with a singular aesthetic make this a special one. The pullover and tees that sport Mister Cartoon’s emblematic style is one of a myriad of pieces in this Cinco de Mayo drop. It includes shirts with Mexico’s flag colors sprawled on them, a “Quarantine Dreams” line which includes masks and, of course, the unofficial, official LA Originals merch.

Few collaborations hold the warranted chutzpah to claim best of any given year or season should they want to, and the best thing about the guys behind this collection is they wouldn’t, although they’re entitled to.

Spanto’s kinship with the guys behind both Soul Assassins and LA Originals makes this collab an overdue no-brainer. But it’s also right on time.

Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol recently gained more widespread global recognition due to the April release of Netflix’s “LA Originals,” directed by Oriol himself.

“Even as he shoots modern-day LA, with its gentrified buildings and a newly-revamped downtown scene, Oriol’s archival footage of those same blocks suggest there’s a history that refuses to be erased,” film editor Manuel Betancourt wrote.

This capsule is a part of cementing that legacy. The opportunity to create something of this nature is priceless to BornxRaised’s Spanto.

“I’ve known these guys since I was a skinny little teenager,” he wrote in a personal post earlier. “These Soul Assassins are very special in my life and I’m proud to finally do this with them.”

The collection is available at BornxRaised from 12 p.m. PT ’til supplies last.