Brawl Breaks Out on Highway After White Couple Cuts Off Latino Family, Calls Them “Beaners”

Lead Photo: Photo by XXLPhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by XXLPhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Recently, on highway 118 in California, a tension-filled moment played out as two families came to head. According to Twitter user @PattyMonstercx, a white couple cut off her family and called them “beaners.” When the same white couple got out of their SUV to confront Patty’s family, a fight broke out.

In her now-deleted Twitter account, Patty stated, “Here’s a video of my parents fucking up an ugly ass racist couple who were trying to cut my parents off, and referred to my parents as ‘beaners’ on the off ramp of the 118 today,” she wrote.

In the video, which is still online, a woman, who is presumably the mom, can be heard calling 911 to explain that she needs help. But soon a younger woman is heard speaking on the phone. Afraid that her parents would get run over, she asks authorities to hurry. At the end of it, both gringos end up shirtless and likely with a few scrapes.

Check out the video below.

While it’s important to note that we do not condone violence, there has been increasing examples of Latinos and other people of color facing this kind of harassment.