Brazilian Day Festival

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This weekend is Labor Day weekend, which for New York always means the West Indian Day Parade and corresponding celebrations in Brooklyn. But this year, it also coincides with the Brazilian Day Festival, the celebration of Brazilian Independence Day (September 7th) and the largest Brazilian event outside of Brazil. To quote a friend, “there’s gonna be a whole lotta skin, sequins & feathers around!”

As we all know, Brazilians know how to party, and this marks the 25th anniversary of the celebration in NYC, so expect an especially over-the-top festa this year. So instead of planning trips to the beach or out of town, head to midtown to Little Brazil (aka Times Square East) for 2 days (yes, Brazilian Day is actually Brazilian Weekend) of samba dancing, live music (Carlinhos Brown and rapper Marcelo D2, among others), the cleansing of 46th street, plenty of food, green, yellow, and blue everything, and much much more.

For a full taste of what to expect, visit the Brazilian Day Festival official site.