Brazilian Drug Trafficker Tried to Mrs. Doubtfire His Way Out of Prison

Here’s reason No. 57896436 that movies shouldn’t serve as inspiration for criminal activity. Clodoaldo Antonio Felipe, a 44-year-old drug trafficker who is serving 36 years in prison, attempted to break out of Brazil’s Coronel Odenir Guimaraes Prison by disguising himself as an old lady. With the help of a Hollywood-quality mask, a wig, and a dress, Clodoaldo was able to transform his appearance.

Even though he put in a lot of effort, he was caught because guards didn’t recognize the old woman who was trying to leave the prison, The Daily Mail reports. And those guards were on their A-game because they were also suspicious of Clodoaldo’s height. There are so far no answers as to how Clodoaldo, who has been jailed since 2009, got a mask, wig, and women’s clothes.

I have to give him credit for really committing to this bit, and I’m so thankful the Internet has blessed us with these images of him wearing a dress and no mask.

Check out more pictures of his nightmarish mask below: