Brazilian Girl Becomes Local Celebrity After Dressing up as Her Mom for a Halloween Party

Lead Photo: Four Halloween sphere shaped paper lanterns hanging to the ceiling / Getty Images
Four Halloween sphere shaped paper lanterns hanging to the ceiling / Getty Images
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A young girl in São Paulo, Brazil named Yasmin chose a rather unconventional costume for Halloween this year.

We’ve all been there. Mom wants you to participate, but she is not about to drop the big bucks for a disguise that will only be used for a night. Due to financial restrictions at home this year, the child’s mom reportedly encouraged her to push her creativity and think of a more DIY idea. Ultimately her mom, Ione Carvalho, proposed the idea of “mamá cansada,” or tired mom.

To ensure the moment lived on, Carvalho shared the final look on Facebook. Sporting a messy bun, Yasmin’s look was rather detailed: dark eyes, vomit on one shoulder, spilled milk on the other, leggings, and, of course, a crying baby doll in hand.

The post has garnered more than 10,000 likes and a mixed review batch of comments.

Baile pré halloween e Yasmin foi caracterizada de mãe!!! Vejam o uniforme único de uma mãe atarefada calça legging,…

Posted by Ione Carvalho on Friday, October 11, 2019

Though most comments are positive, affirming the relatability of the ‘stume, there are a few remarks expressing frustration for the portrayal of motherhood.

This idea is far from new. Last year, a 13-year-old in New Mexico dressed up as a tired mom as well. In fact, a quick spin on Pinterest makes it clear that the idea is a bit of a go-to among adults and children alike. As Jezebel was quick to point out last year, there is seldom (if ever) a similar portrayal of dads. They get the suit-and-tie approach instead.

“Here is when Tired Mom and Mombie costumes will be funny,” the outlet wrote in a story from 2018. “When Tired Father and Undead Dad costumes exists with any degree of cultural resonance.”

Carvalho realized not everyone was quick to applaud her creative endeavor and responded to the negative comments in Portuguese, saying, “If you’re a mom and never got to this state, congratulations, but don’t judge. … This mom can be anybody. I didn’t say it was all of them. It’s just an infantile fantasy made by a mom on a budget. Don’t cause so much drama.”

Yasmin, on the other hand, seems to be handling the attention well, and was even tapped for a TV appearance on a local Brazilian channel.