Natural beauty has been a buzzword for quite some time, with many large companies marketing their products to appeal to a generation of consumers who value quality, non-toxic skincare. But according to their advertisements, these shoppers only look one way: pale-skinned and sans makeup, piercings or tattoos. Hoping to include — and celebrate — all the misfits that the natural beauty market left behind, Brujita Skincare just dropped a stunning winter line.

House of Brujita is a Harry Potter-inspired collection for a “community [of] people who are just a little bit different than the rest; a group of people looking for mirrored spirits,” according to Brujita Skincare’s website. 

Photo by Yomahra Aquino. Courtesy of Brujita Skincare

The line includes products like the Sea Algae Facial Cleanser, a creamy, hydrating and brightening facial wash that includes blue spirulina; the Chocolate Mushroom Facial Mask, a raw, earth mask designed to beat dry skin; and the Brujitas Garden Facial Serum, an enticing facial oil made with organic and unrefined oils of meadowfoam, broccoli and hemp seed, among more vegan products.

Drawing from the founder Leah Guerrero’s background in punk, metal and art, Brujita Skincare’s new line creates not only products but a community around identities that aren’t often explored because they’re considered too dark for the realm of natural beauty. The collection comes fully narrated with video stories of four house members: Luna Retrograde, Peverell, Pansy Mandrake and Boidae “Dae” Salazar. The stunning visuals for the line was created with the help of artist Gabriela Ruiz and features models and artists Mercy Rivera and Latex Lucifer

Since launching Brujita Skincare in 2017, Guerrero, a Los Angeles-based Ecuadorian American who previously worked as an esthetician for 10 years, has collaborated with healers like Emilia Ortiz, cementing the brand in its dedication to making holistic skincare that is accessible to queer communities of color.

Photo by Yomahra Aquino. Courtesy of Brujita Skincare

At a time when many consumers value supporting alternative economies and restructuring supply chains that exploit our natural resources, Brujita Skincare sources from sellers in Mexico and uses sustainably produced materials that honors those traditions without taking advantage of them. Even more, as a brand rooted in counter-culture, Brujita Skincare’s message is that beauty and self-love is not just a luxury but rather is accessible for those who proudly identify as freaks, nerds, outcasts and punks. 

House of Brujita, which is currently sold out and being re-released on December 26, will be available for purchase at the Brujita Skincare website. The entire cult collection, which comes with a quartz crystal mixing bowl, is priced at $90, but consumers can shop the products, ranging from $14 to $40, individually.