Cafe Tacuba-Calle 13 Video!

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Calle 13 and Kinky kick off their MTV Tr3s Tour in da Big Apple tomorrow at Nokia Theatre. Calle’s new album, Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo, has been delayed from October 7th (yesterday) till October 27th because of clearance issues in their songs, mainly, the Cafe Tacuba and Juanes collaborations they recorded.

After many legal battles between their labels, the Juanes joint is not going to make the cut in the album after all. Guess the king of good and Latin music is too precious to be walking down la Calle 13. BUT! They replaced Juanes’ part with the fabulosa Calle 13 member PG-13, aka Ileana Cabra, who will probably make it so much better.

In any case,  the Cafe Tacuba collabo “No Hay Nadie Como Tu” is still on, as it is the first single  for los boricuas, who are really trying to explode in Mexico with their third album.

Watch the video for “No Hay Nadie Como Tu” below. Ruben is sporting a new way to cover his eyes — looks like a cholo super hero.