Calle Tacuba? Cafe Tacuba and Calle 13 Hook Up

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Pssssst…we just heard through the grapevine that two of our favorite Latin music groups are teaming up to record a demo together.

Das right, after playing last night’s super-successful Indie Fest in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (alongside Circo, Miranda!, Nacotheque, and a bunch of great local Latin music bands), chilanga banda Café Tacuba was meeting up with Residente y Visitante of Calle 13 to record together…. and we LIKE the sound of it (well, the idea of it, haven’t heard anything yet–we’re not that in the know)!

No word yet on what this will be, if it will come out, when it will come out, how it came about, etc, etc, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the Calle 13/Cafe Tacuba hook up!