Mexican Indie Rock Scene en el NY Times

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…..and reason #789572967832 we love Josh Kun….

We at NYRemezcla heart Josh Kun, like big time, and have spent many hours mulling over how he does it (o sea, be so cool, be a professor, have a TV show, be married to Ceci Bastida, and get to write kickass articles for the NY Times…)  Case in point: tomorrow (not even today, looove the internet!  And big thanks to Paul for sending the link our way) there will be a pretty major article on the ever-growing and ever-cooler (and -relevant) Mexican indie rock scene.

Featured bands include Chikita Violenta (read our interview with them here), Los Dynamite, Joselo from Café Tacuba, Titán, Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser, Silverio (o sea, the whole Nuevos Ricos gang), Camilo Lara (read our interview with him here), and, AND….. our very own Fresas Salvajes (who were also featured in New York Magazine not too long ago):

For the campy Mexico City dance-pop duo Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser, it means the chance to enjoy cult status in a trendy neighborhood like Williamsburg in Brooklyn, where the band was brought to perform last fall by the Brooklyn party promoters Fresa Salvaje.

“Mexico City has one of the most cutting-edge scenes right now,” said Dulce Pinzón, a founder of Fresa Salvaje.

Como lo ven?!?!

There’s lots of talk about singing in English, how MySpace helps the whole thang, etc etc.  Cool.  Well, enough chatter, you can read it for yourself here.

A ver si mas gente le dan caso a la escena aca en Nueva York….

Mexico City’s Indie Rock, Now Playing to the World