Cafe Tacuba Singer Has a New Band

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The ever chameleonic Rubén Albarrán, from Café Tacuba, has decided to shake up more than his stage name this time. The singer, formerly known as Anónimo et al, introduced his new project at the Jardín Borda, as part of the Festival Tamoanchán de Morelos. As expected, the band doesn’t have a permanent name, but for now, the funky Los ZopiRockets will do. Apart from Tacuba‘s  ¡Pinche Juan!, aka Cosme, other band members include mad violinist and Cafeta collaborator Alejandro Flores, as well as Chilean artists Juan Pablo and Rodrigo “El Chino”.

Albarrán claims that his latest work was inspired by the sound of folkloric tunes and the memory of endlessly listening to his mother’s albums. He claims that although he had composed such covers before, this was something he felt he had to do. That attitude reminds us of Café Tacuba, an honest and refreshing band when it comes to their music.

I know that Café Tacuba fans must be feeling somewhat nervous, seeing Albarrán part aside and do his own thing, but remember that it’s for a greater good, in the name of pretty interesting music. Besides, who knows? Maybe Los ZopiRockets will become the next Café Tacuba.