Cafe Tacuba's New Album? Sino

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This is the album cover for Cafe Tacuba’s new album entitled Sino. The band and their label Universal Latino have been very hush hush about this release – it comes out on Tuesday and we can’t wait!! Did you know Sino refers to “destino” ? And also to si/no, as in yes/no. Oh, those Tacubos do love their dualities (see their 1999 album Reves/Yosoy) and the incognito.

Here are typical questions we’re all asking in our heads, and their reply is always sino. In fact, we did ask them this during the Latin American Music Conference, and they were this ambiguous but, fuck, they’re Cafe Tacuba so they can get away with whatever.

Q- “Are you breaking up?”
Ambiguous answer from Tacubos: “si…y no”
Q- “Is this album a return to your hard-rock roots?”
A – “Si…y no.”
Q- “Do you consider yourselves fathers of modern Mexican rock?”
A – “Si…y no.”
Q- “Do you feel out of touch with your younger fans, of the MySpace generation?”
A- “Si…y no.”
and so on and so on…