Ca$hflow: Faces of Hope Needs Your Help

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The Faces of Hope project needs your help. The project, which explores through portraiture life’s struggles & joys, may or may not be made into a book and exhibit depending on whether creator Jay Franco secures the funds necessary to make it happen. Tu sabes que published books don’t grow on trees. Unfortunately.

A Kickstarter was launched in late May in the hopes of raising the dollars. You can still go there and share with this inspiring project. As of today, they’re just $710 away from raising the goal amount and ultimately publishing and exhibiting the photo collection.

Jay Franco made a name for himself last summer with his photo exhibit New York City: Over and Under. This time around his collection tackles the stories of people who have survived through serious adversity, yet continued on with hope still in their hearts. Subjects have lived with illnesses, survived them, or even been victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse. The subjects share a common denominator: they are residents of New York City. Hope comes in all shapes and sizes, the works seem to suggest…see it for yourself in the photos.

Now, you can also support the artist’s works by attending a fundraiser party at Apt78 on Tuesday, June 12th. Don’t miss your chance to win one of Franco’s photos in the raffle, as well.