Ca$hflow: Help this Def Poet Bring You ToasT

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We like Lemon Andersen.

We like him so much that we interviewed him about the documentary about his life, Lemon, a little while ago, and we’re pretty psyched about the one night only performance of his play, County of Kings, on December 11th. His next project, ToasT, is a play intended for the 2013 Under the Radar Festival at the Public Theater, a festival devoted to bringing risky, experimental work to the stage from all over the world. ToasT will reach into decades of tradition to tell a brand new story. But I’ll just show you what Lemon has to say about it:

My new play “ToasT” is about Willie Green aka “Dolomite” the famous Folklore hero from the old Black Narratives. Dolomite is still known as the baddest badass out of San Antone, but he’s aged and has been locked up for murder in Attica’s D-Block for the last 27 years. Some of his cellmates and other folklore heroes like Jesse James, Hobo Ben, Voodoo Queen, Shine the Stoker, Stackolee, and Hard Rock shares war stories with him to kill the hard time.

Word is brewing throughout Attica that a riot is coming, but Dolomite and his cellmates would rather not get involved. Till the youngest inmate in D-Block gets a vicious beating by the officers for talking like a liberal about the prison conditions. Dolomite has to make a decision to join the riots and take vengeance upon the officers for what they did – or lock himself in his cell and hope for a promised parole date and the chance to taste freedom.

The Kickstarter campaign is to raise money to develop the play – to get space, to bring in collaborators, etc. etc. – in order to turn it into the work it deserves to be by the time 2013 rolls around. (Assuming the world doesn’t end in 2012.) Head over, watch the trailer, and donate.

Don’t have the money, you say? The minimum donation is $1. Now that you have no excuses, check it out!