Ca$hflow: Make More Trippy Aztec Robots

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This awesome project was brought to my attention by my favorite nerdblog, io9, and I love it. Created in Spain and blending Aztec, shadowpuppet, and steampunk aesthetics, Bendito Machine is a wonderful four episode animated miniseries that tells a tale that shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to any of us.

Bendito Machine is an animation show which reflects on the innocence of a small, naive and clumsy species that cannot live without their machines, and which is guided by small, enlightened greedy bastards, who believe they have the answers to everything. In fact, this project would not be possible without the brainlessness of this greedy 1%. Let’s be thankful to them.

They’ve started a Kickstarter to fund future episodes. Check out the first episode below, and toss ’em a few dollars of aid!

Bendito Machine I from Zumbakamera on Vimeo.