Here’s How You Can Donate Money to the Central Americans Traveling in the Caravan

Lead Photo: Photo by NatanaelGinting/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by NatanaelGinting/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
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For about two weeks, hundreds of Central American immigrants – many of whom are Hondurans escaping the political crisis and gang violence in the country – have traveled in a caravan toward Mexico City and the United States. Once they reach their destinations, they hope to receive asylum and start anew. But as President Donald Trump continues to vilify them and look for ways to shut them out of the country, you may feel compelled to help. The journey between their native countries and Mexico or the United States is long and arduous. One of the easiest ways to help is by donating money to Pueblos Sin Fronteras, the group that organized the caravan.

It is now taking donations through Paypal. (Donate here.) The money will go toward food, medicine, flash lights, and other needs that arise along the way.

Another way to help Central American immigrants is to open your home to them. Pueblos Sin Fronteras (PSF) realizes this is more involved, but many journeying to the United States do not have families that can keep them out of immigrant detention. Offering a room means that they can live more comfortably as they await a decision. For those interested in this, PSF asks that they email them