Cardi B Is Launching Her Own Haircare Line

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Stars, they are just like us. While stuck in quarantine for much of last year, many of us experimented with our hair. Cardi B did the same, but the rapper true to her style didn’t just stop at a new ‘do. No, she created an entire hair care line.

The rapper revealed the news in a series of posts on her instagram page Monday (March 29).

“This year I will be coming out with a hairline that I been working on at home for my hair and my daughters however, I think is time for people to educate themselves on nationality, race and ethnicity,” Cardi wrote. “Being Hispanic/Latina don’t make your hair long, don’t make your skin light or don’t make your face features slim specially Latin countries from the Caribbean islands,” captioned Cardi.

She went on to tell her 86.7 million followers that “Dna have something to do with your hair not your nationality but guess what you can always maintain your hair,” she continued. “And one more thing, not everyone that speaks Spanish is Mexican.”

There are no details on when it will be released, where it will be available, or price points. But given the fact that Cardi B has been working on it with her daughter, it’d be safe to assume it is more on the natural side. In the meantime, Cardi B is enjoying being at the top of various charts with her latest release “Up.” “Up” is no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes, no. 2 on Spotify, and no. 4 on YouTube.