Cardi B Hosts Large Thanksgiving Gathering & Her Fans Weren’t Happy

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Cardi B is on an apology tour once more, but this time, she’s being called out by fans by having turned into a pandemic hypocrite.

The “WAP” rapper boasted on her Twitter profile that the private gathering in the Atlanta mansion which shares with husband and rapper, Offset, included, “12kids and 25 adults over the holidays,” and that, “[i]t was lit!!”

Fans were quick to respond with how irresponsible this party makes her look.

Cardi’s explanation wasn’t well received either. The Bardi explained that due to her work, she gets tested up to 4x a week, and that she personally paid for everyone to get tested, just so she could have her family with her for the holidays. But, despite her apology, people are rightfully calling her out, especially as she influences the Black and Latino communities that are being most affected by the pandemic.

According to the CDC, in information released prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, tests taken for the purpose of gathering in large groups, indoors, and mask-less isn’t going to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The reasoning is how long the virus takes to incubate and that rapid tests can provide false negatives. Essentially, someone could have tested negative the morning of the gathering, contacted it between the test and the event, and dangerously assume they are clear, which isn’t the case.

This isn’t the first time the Bronx native has been called out for her behavior during the pandemic. In October, she celebrated her birthday with a big Las Vegas blow out.

The change from early in the pandemic, where Cardi B was sharing her fears and anxiety about catching the virus, and speaking out against celebrities who have privileged access to testing, has definitely changed, and Belcalis, who usually fights for progress and change, might have turned into a hypocrite.