The Cardi B Looks from Paris Fashion Week That Broke the Internet

Lead Photo: Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images
Photo by Marc Piasecki/GC Images
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Cardi B was on fire on the red carpet at Paris Fashion Week. Just weeks after giving birth to her second baby, a boy whose name still hasn’t been released, Cardi B has made her post-baby appearance one for the books with a few outfits during the annual fashion event.  

The “WAP” singer made jaws drop when she first hit the carpet late last week in a ruby-colored sequined gown. Finishing off the ensemble was a statement cape capped off with feathers and pink and red jewels that adorned the Grammy winner’s neckline.  The look was courtesy of Thierry Mugler and wow, it was a look to behold. 

Cardi is known for her bold and blunt statements in her music and when she said she likes those Balenciagas, she was not kidding. Cardi B and husband Offset hit the Balenciaga 2022 Spring & Summer Show together and both were donning the brand. Offset has a leather jacket over a hoodie and Cardi wore a trench coat that wrapped in headlines from magazine covers and clippings. Underneath, the “Up” rapper wore black gloves, black boots, a black headpiece that looked like the top mushroom, and a bold red lip.

Cardi also made sure to show her creative side even while not at a designer show or red carpet. For dinner with Christian Louboutin, Cardi wore a Robert Cavalli SS22 animal print skirt with an Everest high slit on one side. On her exposed leg, she put on a display of black stockings to match her long-sleeved mock neck top and black beret. And that was just for dinner. Cardi B. posting the pics of her meeting Louboutin with the caption, “YES MR @louboutinworld.” She went on to say, “Good conversation, good food, good people. I really had dinner with a freaking Icon !” 

Speaking of iconic, Cardi B used her internet-breaking abilities to set the social media world ablaze with quite possibly the outfit with the highest meme possibilities on the planet. Take a look at this monochromatic emerald-colored marvel. The outfit consists of a top with matching gloves, high-waisted trousers, and matching ruffled bonnet. Each is a separate piece, but when put together it looks like a gigantic green onesie. 

One user said the outfit gave her “Green Giant” vibes.

Another thought it was very reminiscent of Kermit the Frog.

Gumbi was another popular favorite.

As were the Teletubbies.


But the one of the most tweeted about looks belonged to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The ensemble proved to be fodder on social media and may have proved for Cardi that it’s not easy being green. No matter though, Cardi has plenty of green to roll around in and wipe away any hurtful tears that may be thrown her way.