“I love this s**t! I love Vicks,” Cardi B proclaimed in a recent Instagram Live – her preferred means of communication and very well likely her publicist’s least favorite invention.

“Whoever f**king invented Vicks, I love you,” the Dominican-Trinidadian rapper said, an ever-relatable statement.

The Bronx native’s livestreams are always a joy, whether it’s a rant on her love for lobster, sex, politics or sexism. There is no one who communicates their opinion quite like the “Be Careful” rapper.

Body pain? Clogged sinuses? Fever? Asthma…? According to La Caldi, Vivaporú, aka Vicks Vaporub, cures one and all. [Note: this is where the narrator in the commercial speed whispers that you can and should check with your doctor before taking what this person who is not a medic is saying to heart.]

“His name is Vicks,” a man in the background joked about who she should be thanking for the cure-all balm. She laughed it off as to not embarrass him because, as many of us know, the man who invented this Latino household staple in the late 1800s was named Lunsford Richardson – a white man from North Carolina. If only Richardson could see this passionate, global spokeswoman now.

Like Vicks, Cardi B is a salve through trying times. Cardi for president (of Vicks).