Cardi B Weighs In On Russia-Ukraine Situation & the Internet Reacts

Lead Photo: Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images.
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images.
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Cardi B might not be known for her political takes, but that didn’t stop the “WAP” rapper from chiming in recently on the volatile situation taking place between Russia and the Ukraine.

On Tuesday (February 22), Cardi jumped on social media to share her thoughts on the crisis at the Russia-Ukraine border. United States President Joe Biden has now described events taking place as “the beginning of a Russian invasion.”

Cardi started her statement by stating that she is “really not on NATO’s side” or “really not on Russia’s side” either.

“I’m actually on the citizens’ side,” Cardi says. “At the end of the day, the world is having a crisis right now.”

She then talked about inflation “not only in America, but everywhere in the world,” which is making it hard to “get the economy back up.”

“This s**t just made it way more complicated,” she added. “I’m really just annoyed by this. I really wish that all world leaders just really come with a logical conclusion, but … whatever.”

Reaction to Cardi B’s decision to weigh in on international relations was mixed. “Cardi B telling us she knows nothing about foreign policy without telling us she knows nothing about foreign policy,” wrote social media influencer and actress Angela Belcamino.

Some poked fun at her for inventing the word “embarkments” instead of saying “embargos.”

Still, many of Cardi’s fans were glad she used her platform to share her opinion with her nearly 22 million followers. It is, of course, her opinion. “Cardi B shows she cares about the world,” one Twitter user said. “That’s all anyone can ask for.”

Another fan pointed to the fact that anyone can make change if they speak out.

Who knows? Maybe Cardi has a future in politics. What’s she doing in 2024 anyway?