Cardi B Will Reportedly Host WWE’s SummerSlam

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Bad Bunny isn’t the only rapper to hop into the WWE ring. There’s word that Cardi B is hosting SummerSlam in August. “I can confirm that Cardi B is hosting SummerSlam” wrote Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast.

The 28-year old rapper’s song “Up” was in the spot that aired last Friday night on WWE Smackdown to promote the event.

Cardi B isn’t exactly a stranger to the WWE world. Fans may remember when, in January, the female rapper was mentioned on an episode of Raw. Within minutes, she was tagged in so many WWE tweets she picked up her phone and began interacting with fans on the trending topic.

During the exchange, she gave her opinions on which WWE stars she liked and watched. She also gave WWE’s Vince McMahon a playful jab and put him on notice that she was coming for him. She posted, “This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be…”

Just a few weeks later, WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Kahn admitted that he was looking to attract younger audiences with popular acts like Bad Bunny and Cardi B. “Obviously, there is no touring right now, so the ability to get Bad Bunny for however long this run is going to be—and you’re going to see a lot of him—I don’t believe that would have existed in a world where Bad Bunny was on tour. That’s going to be a continual effort, so we’re always going to watch Bad Bunny, Cardi B to get involved,” he told Wrestling Inc.

Unlike fellow rapper Bad Bunny, Cardi B is not expected to enter the ring and compete. She is said to host only. But don’t be surprised if there is a performance of some sort, be it a song or otherwise. The location for the WWE event has yet to be determined but it will be held on Saturday, August 21.