Carhunting Sucks

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I hate cars. Nah, let me get this straight. I hate driving. I know, I’m living in the wrong city then, right? But really, what’s the deal? Why do we need them? If we did away with them all and relied only on public transportation and our feet, we’d all be a healthier more non-aggressive bunch.

I often fantasize about the way my ancestors lived–all naked and bare-footed–walking miles just to get the necessities. Then I wake up and face the reality that the lease on my VW Golf–well, my brother’s lease that I took over when he got a bigger car to fit the kids–is up and I need to either fork over money I don’t have and buy it, or look for something else.

So the search for a used car begins. I started with Craigslist then realized that only leads to people emailing you back about sending your money to Croatia and they’ll ship the car. Yeah, right. didn’t work. A search for anything under $3,000 only led to the modern-day equivalent of a Pinto. Not that I really care what I drive. Okay, I’m lying, I do, but I’m fine with something that doesn’t have dents and makes me feel a little proud of.

So where do I find this nice used car for $2,500. And what’s the most reliable and efficient car out there? Anyone know????