El Tio Carlos: The Richest Man in the World

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In case you missed it in all the media sound bites, there’s a new “richest person in the world” and he is MEXICAN! Move over Billy Gates and Mr. Buffet, Forbes just released their “World’s Billionaires 2010” list, naming Carlos Slim Helu the new champion of wealth.

The Mexican tycoon whose holding include American Movil (AMX) is worth $53.5 billion, can you even visualize it? While it’s still not as much as the American National debt, El Tio Carlos could buy the country and sell it to the Chinese at profit.

The big picture here is, if he could do it…then every Carlos, Maria and Anita could do it TOO. Before you start sending your wish list, give me a second to re-address my letter to Oprah, cuz now I got my Tio Carlos!