Cash Flow: Bring Free Theater Programs to Puerto Rico

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“How can we, as artists, make a difference in the face of injustice?”

Inspired by this question, the Stella Adler Outreach Division formed in 2004 to provide low income NYC teens with free theater programs. Having served over 3,000 students in various programs, including their Summer Shakespeare Program and Adler Youth, Director of Outreach Tommy Demenkoff wants to do more!

During the summer of 2012, Tommy D. brought his talent and passions to Vieques, Puerto Rico, a small island with under 10,000 residents where 73% of them are living under the poverty level. Partnered with Vieques’ Reach for Success program, Tommy led a group of 20 students (most of who had never seen a play in their lives) to work as an ensemble, create their own short plays and put on a full production for their friends and family in a lighthouse-turned-theater.

After the creation of Teatro de Vieques and seeing the impact theater made on the youth and community, Stella Adler Outreach hopes to raise enough money to send professional instructors to Vieques every year starting in Summer 2013. Acting Technique, Voice, Movement and Production classes will be taught during a full on arts immersion week, bringing together students, staff, local artisans and volunteers in a final performance. One student will then be selected from the company to join the Summer Shakespeare program in NYC!

Benicio del Toro, Adler Alum, Academy Award winning actor and Puertorriqueño will be joining the students in Vieques to work with the team and further the programs success!

Your donations WILL make a difference. You’re not just supporting a program, you’re supporting empowerment. We all have a right to creativity. Check out Teatro de Vieques Indiegogo page HERE to see how you can help.