Ca$hflow Update: Funding Successful – La Casa Azul finds a location, ToasT meets its goal, and more.

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We like to think our readers are pretty generous. We knew we liked you guys.

La Casa Azul Bookstore, which we blogged about back in September, has just found its location in El Barrio. With the support of 430 awesome people – we’re sure some of them were Remezclanistas – La Casa Azul, which was heretofore just a really cool online bookstore devoted to local and Latin authors, has found a home on 103rd Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan’s Spanish Harlem neighborhood. True to its mission, the store will double as a community center, complete with readings, workshops, and literacy programs. And a coffee shop, because what’s a bookstore these days without coffee?

We’re also pleased to announce that half Norwegia-Rican Def Poet and playwright¬†Lemon Andersen was able to reach his funding goal with a whole 59 hours – about 2 and a half days – to go on his Kickstarter project. All the money will go towards developing his new play, ToasT – about the problems of the US prison system as viewed through the eyes of the heroes of African American folklore – over the course of the next year so that it will be amazing in time for the Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival 2013

Seed, a short film by David Godin about the Latino community of Lancaster, PA and its interaction with the heavily rural surroundings of southern Pennsylvania, also reached its funding goal, and hopes to be complete in time to submit to the New York International Latino Film Festival.

Rounding out our so-far-so-good track record, the documentary project Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas, chronicling a successful record store owners trip to Brazil to find the best and brightest in new Brazilian music, also reached its funding goal and will be samba-ing forward into full scale production. Probably in a thong. With feathers.

Anyway guys, point is, Remezcla wants to thank its readers for being so awesome and supporting creative young folk like yourselves that are out to make art and make change. That’s what our Ca$hflow column is all about. Keep checking back for more projects in need of support, and if you know of any you think would be a good fit, by all means, send all tips to