This 17-Year-Old Math Whiz Got a Perfect Score on His AP Calculus Exam

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Last week, Cedrick Argueta, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles’ Abraham Lincoln High School, learned he got a perfect score on the AP Calculus AB Exam he took in May 2015. A letter addressed to the school’s principal, Jose F. Torres, also revealed that Argueta was among a small number of people who got every answer correct. “Cedrick not only received the top score of 5 but was one of 12 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP Calculus AB Exam, receiving the maximum score on each portion of the exam.”

The high school senior, who has also earned perfect scores on the English and math section for the ACT college exam, told  CBS2 that the test was tough. “There were some challenging questions, but nothing that I couldn’t do.” Cedrick is currently studying for the next AP Calculus class, as well as three other AP classes.

Cedrick will be applying to California Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkley, and Stanford University. He hopes to work for NASA in the future. You just keep doing you, boy genius.