Celebs for Obama: Latino Version

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Porque no nos podemos quedar atrás….Producer Andrés Levín (Yerba Buena) got a few of his friends together for another inspirational "Vote-for-Change-vote-for-Obama" video featuring random characters talking about Obama as if it were an Afro-Cuban  deity, just in time for the Puerto Rican primaries. O-ba-ma sounds so good phonetically doesn’t it?

Marvel at known and unknown  stars such as Paulina "Me creo eshpañola" RubioAlejandro "Miami residente" Sanz, Sabina and Didi from Brazilian Girls (best part of the video: Sabina with her eyes uncovered!), Voltio, Don Omar, George Lopez, Jessica Alba (only one speaking English), Lila Downs, In The Heights star Lin-Manuel Miranda and Missus Levin herself, Cucu Diamantes (Yerba Buena) and Puerto Rican actors such as Nydia Caro and Carola Garcia.

Where’s Shakira and Juanes? Ooops wrong video, that was for ALAS…or for Peace in Colombia…or for the Peruvian earthquake victims. Can’t keep track.