Ceremonia Joins Sephora as First Latina-Owned Hair Care Brand Carried by the Retailer

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Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about the companies they support and how the companies function in comparison with their values. Ceremonia is a Latina-owned company that is bringing natural ingredients, strong community, and sustainability to the beauty industry. Babba Rivera created the company with that mission and she is about to take that mission to the world with a partnership with Sephora.

The clean hair care brand rooted in Latine heritage is breaking barriers as the first Latina-owned hair care company to join forces with the mega-retailer. Shoppers can already purchase Ceremonia products from sephora.com and starting on Sept. 9, 2022, Ceremonia will be available in 83 Sephora stores across the country.

For Rivera, being picked up by Sephora is an honor professionally and a chance to open doors for her community as the first Latina-owned hair care brand carried by Sephora.

“I can’t believe we’re entering Sephora today,” Rivera, Founder and CEO of Ceremonia, says in a statement. “As a longtime Sephora fan, I feel incredibly proud to pave the way as the first Latina-owned hair brand to join the ranks of some of the world’s greatest beauty brands. This monumental milestone is helping us on our mission to celebrate the richness of the Latinx culture with a wider audience than we could have ever imagined, while making clean and effective hair care more accessible than ever before.”

Sephora was intentional about choosing a brand that aligns with its commitment to the environment and the climate.

Sephora and Ceremonia came together as part of the company’s Clean + Planet Positive initiative. The initiative is a promise from Sephora to ensure a product uses clean ingredients, is sustainably sourced, uses responsible packaging, is committed to healing the climate and environment, and gives to environmental efforts.