Cheech & Chong’s First Comic Book Described As a ‘Reefer-Fueled Toke Through Time’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Z2 Comics
Courtesy of Z2 Comics
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If you grew up watching Cheech & Chong movies and listening to their comedy albums in the 70s and 80s, you know how popular the marijuana-smoking duo was (and still is) with the cannabis community.

Although a new live-action movie or album doesn’t seem to be on the horizon anytime soon, fans will get some new Cheech & Chong content with their very first comic book, Cheech & Chong’s Chronicles: A Brief History of Weed.

The graphic novel, which is being published by Z2 Comics and is co-written by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, is a fictionalized version of how marijuana has influenced several different historical figures. It will debut on April 20, 2022.

“I’m so excited for everyone to see this amazing work from so many talented artists bringing to life the legend of Cheech and Chong,” Chong told High Times. “I can’t wait to share this with all my fans.”

The comic book, which is being described as a “reefer-fueled toke through time,” was created by comedian and writer Eliot Rahal (Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo) and artist Noah Van Sciver (Grateful Dead: Origins).

In the comic, Marin’s character Pedro de Pacas and Chong’s character Anthony “Man” Stoner find themselves broke and out of weed. The loveable potheads decide to go to Reno where they have been asked to perform as an opening act but end up traveling to the past to smoke out with everyone from Frida Kahlo to Muhammed Ali to Napoleon Bonaparte.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Cheech & Chong. In 1971, the pair released their self-titled debut album, which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Recording.