If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to smoke Cheech-approved weed, then you’re in luck. In April, the stoner icon – aka Richard Anthony Marin – launched Cheech’s Private Stash, and he’s putting in work to ensure his customers are satisfied. “We get a bunch of strains, then we go out on my patio and look at the ocean – and then light it up!” he told AdWeek. “It’s a very hands-on policy.” That’s because he’s meticulous about what his brand is selling. Cheech acknowledges that his celebrity will make consumers trust the brand, but his name can only take him so far. [My name] would be worth something [only] if the weed is really good,” he added.

Cheech’s Private Stash – which features a red beanie much like the one his character Pedro de Pacas wears in Up in Smoke – boasts that weed “will always be good” – something that Lisa Marcus, the CEO of GLE Brands (the company that licenses and market’s the comedian’s company) backs up. She explains that the company seeks the best growers in different states and that it has rejected products in the past because it didn’t meet standards. “Everything has to have ‘Cheech approval’ before it is packaged,” she said.

“If we don’t like the strain, we don’t like it,” Cheech said, “no matter how much the grower thinks it’s wonderful.”