CHI: Johnny Love is Taking the #HealthGoth Movement From Tumblr Meme to Actual Thing

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Chicago-based electronic producer Johnny Love (signed to Trouble & Bass as Deathface), likes to stir shit up. His party Soft Leather, conceived as a “quality non edm douchebag event,” attracts a crowd best described as Rave Vampires, and according to an interview in Modular Mag, recently “ended in a massive police raid with the building completely surrounded by police where I only got away by hiding in an elevator shaft until the cops left.”

The Mexican-Italian descended Love has also been ruffling the feathers of “tumblr people” for claiming a meme that started on Tumblr called “#healthgoth” and deciding to turn it into an IRL movement. #HealthGoth is basically just people who like to listen to menacing industrial music while working out in black sportswear. It’s a health philosophy for darks, muy darks, autenticamente darks.

According to an email from Love:

“2 years ago I decided to lose the beer gut I had acquired from years of touring and bad eating and dieted off 20 lbs in 2 months, after which I realized I looked too skinny so I started lifting weights 5-6 days a week. Being someone who could easily be called a “goth” all my workout clothes were black. About 6 months ago tumblr started buzzing with a thing called “healthgoth” which was basically just people posting photos of people wearing black sportswear, which is what I was doing with the addition of actually working out. I did an interview for THUMP to promote my last record where I made a joke 10 commandments of healthgoth and it got some tumblr people mad because how dare I turn a tumblr “meme” into a real thing. Meanwhile I’ve been giving dieting and workout advice to friends of mine who saw my transformation and keep seeing more and more friends of mine hash tagging #healthgoth with photos of them working out, so to sum it up, what started as just a tumblr meme I’m trying to turn into an actual fitness movement (with some success already).”

Sure, why not? I’m here for it. In fact, I hope #healthgoths start infiltrating Soul Cycle and freaking out all the perky ponytailed, neon printed sports bra-sporting cyclers.

Maybe Love can team up with Miami’s Otto Von Schirach, who has taken to Instagram recently to post his own guide to healthy living, which includes tips like:

Check out the official #healthgoth website for a Fitness Bible, 10 Commandments (sample: “4. Stop eating carbs. Carbs are not healthgoth. How are you gonna look good in your compression shirt when you have a gut? You’re not, so stop eating carbs.”), and a merch store that suberts sportswear logos for the goth set.

And as for an appropriate #healthgoth playlist, you can start with Deathface’s latest: