Chicago: Where to Satisfy Your Stink Bug Cravings and More Mexican Delicacies

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Sitting pretty on a corner of the heavily Mexican populated neighborhood of West Eldson is Cremeria La Ordeña, where your obscure cravings of cured stinkbugs and chillied grasshoppers can be satisfied.

Having opened only a year ago, La Ordeña brings in ingredients and specialties you may not find elsewhere in Chicago. Yes, they carry jumiles, strong tasting insects that smell of cinnamon, are rich in iodine and can be fried, ground, and most commonly used in salsas. But they have ‘cremeria’ in their name for a reason. At first only selling a few common quesos and beans, owners Nicolas Aguado and Luciano Dominguez started getting requests from customers. Now their store boasts of cheeses from Durango, Michoacan, queso de Cabra from Greece, Oaxacan cheese produced in Kentucky, and queso so fresco it drips of milk. If you thought there was only one type of soured cream, you were deadly mistaken. La Cremeria has three different types from California for all your culinary needs.

Eight moles ready for you to taste lay on the counter  – some made with spices and almonds, others with pumpkin seeds (the store carries 13 different types, in case you’re interested) and different types of chiles. Sweet caramels, soda-pops, homemade chorizos, and over ten types of beans can also be found at this gem of a market. Cremería La Ordeña is your one-stop for anything and everything authentic.

Ordeña La Cremeria is located at 5858 S Pulaski Rd, West Elsdon 60629