After finding themselves being nothing more than a parking lot for Comic-Con attendees, the residents of the mostly Latino Barrio Logan decided to do their own thing. They stopped waiting around to be invited to participate in Comic-Con and launched Chicano-Con, two weekends dedicated to art, lucha libre and the Latino community.

Though the first weekend has come and gone, Chicano-Con will be back this weekend from July 10-11 at Border X Brewing. If week 1 was any indication, then you’ll be greeted by a dragon, a zombified Chapulín Colorado, and bomb food.

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There be dragons #chicanocon #borderxbrewing

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The venue also had a space for children to draw on the walls outside. Perhaps, it’s because as a child, David Favela, who is the co-owner of Border X, was so inspired by art and comic books. “Border X supports creativity, literacy and good role models, so celebrating these in our first Chicano-Con event and handing out free comic books to kids to read this summer is exactly the kind of thing we exist to support,” he revealed in an interview with the San Diego Free Press. “I struggled in an all English school system and comic books were my entry into English language and reading, which lead to greater mastery, education and eventually a MBA. Giving kids comic books is full circle for me, they changed my life and can change theirs too!”


Border X Brewing

If giant stacks of comic books are your thing or just want to know what went down, check out the photos shared by those who were there.