Chile Might Have Given Out Over 1 Million Faulty Condoms and Everyone is Freaking Out

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This week, the Chilean government made a pretty nightmarish announcement: Family health centers across the country could have distributed more than one million faulty condoms. After Chilean centers complained about Kaiju condoms being too small and breaking too easily, the government issued a health alert, according to CNN en Español. La Subsecretaría de Salud Pública de Chile reported that it’s still assessing how many people actually received the condoms. But the three batches had a total of 1.7 million contraceptives. In the meantime, citizens are being told to return the faulty rubbers to health centers.

This has brought negative attention to the company who manufactured the condoms. In a Facebook post on Monday, Kaiju Condón explained that since the beginning of 2015, its worked with Central Nacional de Abastecimiento (CENABAST) to provide contraception. Since working with the government, the company says it hasn’t had any complaints from the Ministry of Health. But Kaiju must have received some tasteless comments, because it felt compelled to add: “Just because a product is Chinese doesn’t mean it’s bad. As we said previously, we have received every certification that the government requires.”

The government doesn’t place the blame on Kaiju. Instead, it says that improper storage is likely what caused the condoms to rip. Check out more information on NowThis’ video below: