This Boy Is Known As China’s Most Famous Little Latin Dancer

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Up until this week, we thought no one could compete with our Filiprimo Balang – a 7-year-old Zumba instructor – in the best child dancer category, but a new contender has arisen. Recently, Shanghaiist shared a video of an unnamed Chinese boy, dubbed the country’s most talked about Latin dancer. The young boy feels the music as he cha cha dances.

It’s all about the attitude <3

Posted by Shanghaiist on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shanghaiist shared an equally amazing follow-up video the next day. As the camera pans out, the rest of his dance is shown. And he is seemingly the only boy among the group.

China’s most talked-about Latin dancer still hard at work…

Posted by Shanghaiist on Thursday, March 17, 2016

The last video is possibly the best one, because he watches a video of himself dancing. According to Facebook commenters, he says that he thinks he looks short in the video.

China’s most talked about Latin dancer watching a video of himself dancing ^_^

Posted by Shanghaiist on Saturday, March 19, 2016

In 2006, South Morning China Post reported that Latin dancing gained popularity in Shanghai partly because of a Dancing With the Stars-type show titled Dancing With Anchors. Fang Jun’s dance club certainly benefited from the added interest. “We now receive 50 percent more applications than before, and get about 400 new students each month,” Fang said in 2006. “Previously our students were overwhelmingly female white-collar workers, but now we have students ranging from children to seniors, and many of them men.”
There’s at least still some interest, as the China Dance Festival enters its fifth year.